Swagtron T1


The Swagtron hoverboard, by Swagway, is a UL 2272 certified hoverboard and is aimed at providing users a product that is far superior to the traditional uncertified hoverboards. The price of the hoverboard starts at $500. With the UL 2272 certification, Swagtron guarantees safety to its users since ULStandards inspects hoverboards for construction quality and performance. Therefore, the Swagtron meets a certain set of standard requirements.

Safe Stop Technology
The Swagtron, through innovation, is a hoverboard that comes with multiple safety technologies. Their Safe Stop Technology aims to eliminate any falls caused by the battery running out. Should the battery get low, a warning signal in the form a beep will start and the scooter’s top speed will be lowered. This will avoid a sudden fall and will prevent the user from any serious injury.

The Lithium-Ion batteries used in the Swagtron are of the highest quality. For added precaution, the batteries are packed in an aluminum casing so even if do become faulty, there will be minimal chance of them catching on fire due to a short circuit.


The hoverboard comes with a UL 2272 certification, which guarantees the user quality and safety. It is also much safer than its counterparts as the internal batteries are in an aluminum casing to prevent the machine from catching fire in the case of a shirt circuit. It also has battery indicators, LED headlights, and rubber bumpers.

The company has been known for producing scooter’s that catch fire in the past but has promised its users a better and safer machine this time.

In conclusion, Swagway has been one of the pioneering companies in the hoverboard game. The release of the Swagtron has revolutionised the hoverboard industry, and we can’t recommend it enough!



Build quality




      Value for money



        • Battery indicators and LEDs
        • Safe
        • Rubber bumpers


        • Safer than previous model

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