The StreetSaw hoverboard tends to be one of the top-rated hoverboards in the industry. The company offers its consumers a product packed with good and reliable features. Starting off at $300, the hoverboard provides its user with an easy and comfortable experience. Not only does the brand offers a competitive price tag but also ensures high quality and standard.

The lists of features that the Street Saw hoverboard comes with including the following:

Dual LED Lights
The Street Saw Segway comes with dual LED lights that cast a beam with a light reaching up to 6.5 feet in front of the riding individual, allowing the user to keep themselves aware of the surface on which they are riding, even at night time.

Extremely Efficient Battery Timing
The hoverboard comes with effective battery timing. This is made possible by the fact that the Street Saw Segway does not have any powerful battery time-consuming factors such as an overpowered motor or Bluetooth. With a highly efficient Samsung battery, it can continue to work for around 6 hours.

Protective Bumpers
The Street Saw hoverboard also comes with an option of protective bumpersaimed at making your Segway protected from any on-road obstacles such as rocks and sticks.

Good Carry Weight
Riders who weigh up to 265 pounds can ride the Street Saw hoverboard without hesitation as their high-quality product is made of an aircraft-grade aluminum alloy chassis.




Some of the benefits of buying this hoverboard include a top speed of 20 km/h. It also has a nice, simple look to it. It has excellent durability. The battery timing is good, reaching around 5-6 hours with a charging time of 60-90 minutes.

It does not have nifty features like a Bluetooth, speakers or top quality LED lights. The Street Saw, as a whole, is a simple, cost-effective option for anyone who wants a cheap but a reliable hoverboard.



Build quality




      Value for money



        • Good speed
        • Battery life
        • Durable


        • Lacks a bit in features
        • Fakes common

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