Skque 10″ Smart


The Skque is perhaps, a hoverboard of the highest quality. Packed with top-notch features and specifications, the hoverboard has a habit of keeping its buyer satisfied. Equipped with a Bluetooth and wireless speakers, the Skque allows its users to play music simply on the Segway via their Bluetooth device. It also has LED lights of the highest quality that make sure you don’t run into obstacles at night, making it very a convenient and efficient scooter.

The self-balancing technology used makes riding a lot easier. The on-board computers in the Skque continuously read the rider’s position to provide maximum balance and stability. To turn the Segway on, place your foot onto the electric hands-freeSegway and wait for the green light. The green light specifies that the built-in CPU has balanced the Segway. It’s now time for you to place your foot on the second pedal and congratulations, you have just learned how to ride the Skque, as simple as that. The battery life on the Skque is also a fantastic feature as the company provides hoverboards with a 158W battery. With a long battery life, it can carry you around for more than 5 hours and requires a maximum of 2 hours to charge fully. The eight-inch wheels also ensure a comfortable, smooth ride for riders. Its 500W electric motor gives riders a chance to travel at high speeds, reaching up to 10 km/h.


It is a stylish Segway that has a beautiful body. It has tons of LEDs and a metal chassis supporting it. It also has a powerful battery to support all these high tech features such as wireless compatibility via Bluetooth.

Wireless speakers can be an annoyance sometimes due to their volume. All in all, it is a highly recommended product, which provides great value for a $450 Segway and one of few that can be this amazing within the price range.

Skque Smart

Skque Smart

Build quality




      Value for money



        • Super stylish
        • Bluetooth support
        • Powerful battery


        • Not the fastest
        • Wireless speakers could cause annoyance
        • Fakes common

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