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The MyColor Smart by HoverTech comes with two airless rubber tires, footpads, and a LED status indicator panel. It is equipped with a high-quality Samsung core battery that has the ability to last 6 hours. The scooter can travel a distance of 11 miles when fully charged. The manufacturers offer a full one-year warranty while the parts of the scooter can also be easily replaced. Users have the option of choosing between the colours of black, white, blue and red.


The self-balancing scooter is popular for being easy to use. The batteries used in these scooters are of the highest grade so your scooter would not run out of charge on use easily. The LED panel is a nifty feature not found in every Segway, so it acts as a nice indicator of your scooter’s battery status. The colours are good looking and give the user a personal style.

The lack of an active website by HoverTech means there is limited communication between the consumer and the supplier, making things difficult should a problem arise in the scooter. The company is also infamous of producing “explosive” scooters due to a bad reputation it has in the media. This is mainly because reports have suggested that HoverTech uses fake Samsung batteries but then again, this is all speculation and no solid proof has been brought forward. The 7-inch wheels don’t usually handle rough terrains very well, and the board shouldn’t be operated in wet/harsh weather conditions. This is because it’s vulnerable to rain or any extreme weather conditions. If you need to transport the board in the rain, using a hoverboard carrying case is recommended.

MyColor Smart comes in four exciting colours to choose from, a full manufacturer’s one year warranty, and has replacement parts, so you don’t have to get a brand new hoverboard every time something go crooked. The battery lasts for quite some time and charges quickly and for $250; it is perhaps one of the most cost-effective scooters in the marketplace. But beware, the bad reputation comes along with and buying off directly from the manufacturer is highly recommended.

MyColor Smart By HoverTech

MyColor Smart By HoverTech

Build Quality




      Value For Money



        • Good To Use
        • LED Display
        • Stylish


        • Can Be Unsafe
        • Bad on rough terrain
        • Some Battery Problems

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