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If you’re a tech-savvy person, then keeping updated with all the hottest technology is a must. Self-balancing scooters or hoverboards, as they are normally called, have become a fashion amongst people all over the world. So what exactly are those nifty machines that you’d see so many college students running around on? Well, we shall explain the unusual phenomenon in detail.

The hoverboards being marketed nowadays are hands-free Segways. Although, the hoverboard’s wheels don’t hover above the ground, the name comes from the feeling that the rider gets and the slight appearance of a person “hovering” from one place to another. They have been remarkably popular due to their innovative technology that has made it a modern tool of fun and excitement.

A personal transportation tool for some, the hoverboard balances on two wheels with the help of rechargeable batteries. Riders can stand on it before making use of the sensors that are present on the hoverboard. Although, it might seem like a simple product, it has several different components at work. The gyroscope and speed control boards are responsible for receiving tilt information.

Also, there are sensors and an infrared light placed in the machine. When the person leans forward, the front switch of the scooter is pushed downwards, and a plastic sheet slides between the infrared LED and the sensor. If the rider means to turn left, his or her foot activates the right front switch, making the right wheel spin forward, while the left foot activates the back left switch, making the left wheel spin backward. This helps in controlling the speed and the direction in which the hoverboard is supposed to move in.

But with all these features, perhaps the most interesting one tends to be its ability to balance itself. This quality of the hoverboard is made possible through the tilt sensors in the wheel that convey the message to gyroscopes as to how far forward the rider is leaning. The gyroscopes then transfer the message to the hoverboard’s logic board.

So if the rider leans further on their hoverboard, the logic board will simply detect the change in the person’s weight distribution, adjusting itself accordingly. This advanced mechanism has been the key to the applicable and effectual working of the scooters.

With speeds reaching up to 15 kilometers per hour for some hoverboards, it has become a very convenient tool for people who just want travel small distances without wasting any fuel or sweat. They can weight about 220lbs, but the limitation for heavier machines is that battery tends to drain quicker.

Nevertheless, there are some safety precautions to be taken while using these Segways. Despite their coolness, they have been reported to catch fire during their initial release in the marketplace. Plus, safety gear is mandatory when riding. Using a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads and wrist guards will decrease a person’s risk of fractures, sprains and other injuries at times of accident. Producers have also recently made enormous alterations to ensure safety and deliver an experience that is free from potential injuries and damages, to both the rider as well as the hoverboard.
So such an amazing technology must be extremely expensive, right? And the answer is a yes and no. They can cost as high as 1500 dollars, but most scooters usually start from a mere 300-dollarprice tag. The rate depends on the brand producing them and the quality of the batteries used. Therefore, if you wish to catch up with this increasingly popular fad, there might not be a better time and place to get one and hover away on countless adventures.